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Stay Out And Shut Up

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I really should not listen to the news nowadays. A few days ago the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution, which provides a bold peace plan in addition to a ceasefire and talks between government and opposition. Great! A peace plan! Another fine plan, I thought and learned that after the help of the UN in six months a transitional government will be formed and after 18 months the creation of a new constitution to be held election for a new government will be formed.

Well, how shall that work? I asked myself. The latest report of the Centre on Religion and Geopolitics says that 15 of  the Salafist-jihadist groups (with a transnational ideology) battling with IS would put themselves in its place.


90 percent of the groups would have the goal of overthrowing Assad, 33 percent fight against the IS. Only 38 percent said they would strive for a democracy, 10 percent protection of all ethnic and religious groups. Well, 38% democracy and 10% protection for dissenters… no, thanks.

Western powers should stay out there. Even their intervention in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan proved that any intervention exacerbates the situation.

If you send weapons all  you get back are refugees.

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Arianrhod – Another thrilling story by Bethany

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“He will say I’m a whore, and I will be one for fucking another man when my bridegroom sits alone in our house, suffering like a cuck!” She gave Meghyn a playful push from her lap to the other empty chair.



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The mountain was named for former President William McKinley, for whom it was christened (by a gold prospector) in 1896, while he was campaigning for president. McKinley was assassinated six months into his second term, in 1901; he never visited Alaska.

The peak got its officially recognized name in 1896, when a prospector was exploring mountains in central Alaska, the White House said. Upon hearing the news that McKinley, a Republican, had received his party’s nomination to be president, the prospector named it after him and the name was formally recognized.

This designation recognizes the sacred status of Denali to generations of Alaska Natives.

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Why I Am Glad When the Reps Take Over

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McCaine, McCaine…. tssskk… It amuses me how you fight for our rights. You want to send weapons and troops to Ukraine in order to chase the Russians away? Oh, my, did you forget your own CIA reports? Do you remember Iraq, Syria, Libya and even Afghanistan?

When the US left Iraq in 2011 they supplied the Iraqi army with weapons. As the terrorist militia then the cities of Tikrit and Mosul occupied, they conquered them with all the weapons depots full of modern American war machine. Mission failed.

In the case of Syria, the US has supported the moderate rebels in 2014 in the fight against President Bashar al-Assad. Meanwhile, parts of these rebel groups have migrated to Al-Qaeda offshoots or extremists have left their positions without a fight. So the real enemy in Syria now are in the possession of modern weapons. Mission failed.

Since 2011 America sent war equipment to Libyan rebels against Gaddafi. The recipients included the Islamic terrorist group Ansar al-Sharia that the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi committed in 2012 and the American ambassador and several diplomats killed. Mission failed.

In Afghanistan, the United States helped 1979 mujahedin rebels to fight the invasion of the USSR. The Palestinian theologian Abdullah Azzam played a central role in justifying the war against the Soviets. One of his followers was no less than Osama bin Laden. He opened a training camp for the rebels – supplied with weapons from America. Bin Laden’s al Qaeda network, which developed from the training camp and is now one of the biggest enemies of the United States. Mission failed. – at least you finally got your ‘ex-brother in arms’ Bin Laden.

So, Mr McCaine – you and your 47 Reps please: SHUT UP. Neither the German chancellor nor the border minister need your moronic advice. WE do live close to the battle-field, not you.

So finally -after being a true friend to America all my life – let me emphasize that I hope you and your stupid 47 idiots will win the next election. This really gives me the chance to renounce my political friendship to America’s leaders, because such friends like you nobody needs. And when America is busted, sick of war the people hopefully learned that you and your folks are nothing but a a senile gang of ignorant war makers.

Oh yes, the best of all: we will say good bye to TTIP and Germany will have the best economical relation to Russia and we will get lots of electricity generated by nuclear power from Iran. Thanks for nothing, Mr McCaine! Mission failed.

Sally Kirtomy

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