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Dirty Bonus Trick

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Metro AG, otherwise known as Metro Group, is a German global wholesale/cash and carry group, it has the largest market share in its home market being number fifth in the world.

At Metro, they developed a new bonus trick, which can be described as innovative or bold, depending on which side of the bonus you are. It works like this: The fiscal year is shortened to nine months (January to September). The profitable Christmas season is missing. However, this means:

– no profit and no dividend.


For the calculation of Executive bonuses there is also a nine months basis – but in a different way. Considering the full year (including Christmas), divided by twelve and multiplying the result by nine.

Wow! This now rises to 8.3 million Euro directors’ compensation.

We are always on the wrong side if the story, aren’t we? However, if I was the responsible bookkeeper in that company they would put ME into prison if someone finds out!

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Hackful Thoughts

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Me: Our site has been hacked again, we have been informed by Google….

Admin: Really? I think all these hackers are little ugly guys who love to destroy nice sites…

Me: I don’t think so. They wear single-breasted suits and earn a lot of dirty money.

Admin: Money? By putting malware on other people’s sites? Bastards!

Me: No really. They are paid by enterprises to advertise, so they hijack websites and bring visitors to other sites. The malware often infect the attacked site in such a way, that the site collapses, but it still sends out tons of spam.

Admin: Those hackers are criminals!

Me: Sure. And those who pay them, too.


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Russia Again Against International Law

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30 Greenpeace activist were held at gunpoint by Russian security officers who stormed the group’s ship in the Arctic. The Greenpeace members tried to board a Russian oil platform to prevent it from drilling.

A Russian coastguard ship fired shots across a Greenpeace ship

A Russian coastguard ship fired shots across a Greenpeace ship

Russia, this is against International Law.

An armed coastguard points a gun at an activist aboard a Greenpeace boat

n armed coastguard points a gun at an activist aboard a Greenpeace boat

To Russia and all the other irresponsible acting greedy countries:

Stop drilling in the Arctic!

Long live Greenpeace – let the activist free!

Greenpeace also said its vessel was boarded in international waters and called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to release the crew immediately.

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GoTopless.Org and the Raëlian Connection

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In recent years a lot of sexually-liberated women have supported and posed topless for a group called GoTopless.Org, myself among them. It seemed a worthy cause even to me when I first heard about it since I am a naturist and a free-thinker, so I contributed a photo of myself topless with the group’s sign (Free Your Breasts and Free Your Mind – GoTopless.Org) in my picture to support the movement. Many of us have done so without knowing exactly who is behind this organization. It turns out that it is one of several front-groups for a UFO religious cult called the Raëlians, the second-largest UFO-based religious cult in the world after Scientology. Its founder is a former French racing journalist named Claude Vorilhon who now goes by the name of Raël for his followers. There are many aspects to their beliefs that I actually find intriguing like the promotion of sexual freedom and an embrace of non-conventional sexualities including everyone in the LGBTQ community, but there are many more aspects to their beliefs that seem highly questionable or even bizarre and like any cult their leader Raël has established a hierarchical power structure with himself at the top. The most attractive female members of the cult are expected to provide their sexual favors to Raël of course, so his motivations seem obvious. He’s just another dirty old man!

The symbol of the cult is a six-pointed star-of-David within which a swastika is inscribed. This may seem an ominous iconography to use and some have condemned the cult for its display of the controversial symbolism and for their belief in a concept called Geniocracy which involves a plan for democracy which limits candidacy for public office and participation in voting rights to only those who pass a certain level of tested intelligence. This may seem eerily reminiscent of the Third Reich’s theme of a master-race ruling over the lesser races, but the leaders of the International Raëlian Movement claim that their intention is merely to reclaim the swastika from its unfortunate association with the Nazis and return it to its historic meaning as a symbol of good fortune as it was used in many ancient cultures including Native American and several Eurasian societies. The cult also supports genetically-modified food production, human-cloning for the purpose of transferring human consciousness from our aging bodies into cloned copies thus making humans immortal, and perhaps their most bizarre belief: that we humans are all the result of being seeded on earth by an extra-terrestrial civilisation called the Elohim which will return someday to welcome us into their interstellar society which they have perfected… once we have ended all war and embraced peaceful co-existence and the wise stewardship of our planet.

The Raëlians are gaining supporters from around the world and despite a theology which seems as crazy as the Scientologists, they draw in supporters who are attracted to the free sexuality practiced by its members and its pseudo-scientific pretenses of establishing a human paradise on earth, free of war, replete with promises of immortality through cloning technology. As religions go it is probably only marginally crazier than all the other established religions, all of which seem pretty irrational to me when you examine them closely, but if you’re a girl and like me believe you should have just as much right as a man to go topless in public, my recommendation is to support the go-topless movement for your own reasons and not out of support for the International Raëlian Movement. It took me over a year from the time I offered up MY bare tits to the GoTopless.Org website to find out about their connection to this weird cult, but I don’t plan to remove my topless picture from any of the websites I uploaded it to! I kinda like it!
Raelian Symbol Emblem - Lord of the Harvest - UFO - Peter Crawford
(c) February 17th, 2013 Bethany Ariel Frasier

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The Mean-Spirited

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(Otherwise Known As My Shit List) (Not a Complete List) (Not In Any Order)

-The Taliban who kill women for educating themselves and who destroy world heritage sites and historic artifacts if they are not Islamic.
-The Westboro Baptist Church disrupting military funerals as part of their anti-gay agenda.
-The NRA which cynically warns Americans Obama is coming to take their guns so they will go out and buy more guns to hoard.
-The Tea Party continually denying the legitimacy of Obama’s Presidency.
-The Republican Party in nearly everything they do: gerrymandering voting districts, attacking women’s rights, restricting voter access, gridlocking the federal government with the Congressional filibuster just to make the Obama presidency fail, busting unions, voting for corporate welfare while denying it to people… the list is endless.
-The Koch brothers who fund covert political operations to control and subvert democracy.
-Dick Cheney exempting the frakking industry from all environmental regulation to enrich his friends at Halliburton and Big Oil.
-The North Korean government… pick a reason. Any reason.
-Ted Nugent for being a dick.
-Boy Scouts of America for denying membership to gays.
-The Catholic Church for sexually-molesting children and covering it up.
-Zionist settlers on the West Bank who deliberately make any efforts at Middle East peace an impossibility.
-Terrorists of any persuasion who believe their goals are more important than innocent people’s lives.
-Deniers of global warming.
-College frat hazing, especially at Dartmouth.
-The KKK
-Ayn Rand
-The Steubenville, Ohio police department and prosecuters.
-Driver’s license photographers
-Sheriff Joe Arpaio
-My twin sister
-Ann Coulter for calling me a whiny liberal bitch at her lecture at Denison University when I asked her a simple question.

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Returns to Commodities Speculation

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Don’t play with food, my mom always said – but specs do.

Many financial institutions and multinational organizations view speculating on food commodities as a dangerous game and a contributor to global hunger. Despite its bruised reputation, is leaping back into the business.


This is precisely the business that organizations such as Foodwatch and Oxfam, and even United Nations institutions such as the Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), hold partially responsible for hunger in the world.

The fact is that, in recent years, an enormous market has developed for financial products used to speculate on fluctuations in food prices. Critics say that these deals drive up the prices of corn, rice, wheat and other commodities, making food unaffordable for many in the Third World.

Its’ a shame!

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