Europe – Everyone Is So Tired

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Everyone is so tired — the politicians, the people, the media, the institutions, democracy. Europe is tired, exhausted, haggard. Yet another marathon negotiating session? How many have there already been? Yet again these tired eyes of overexertion of those involved in the negotiations. Once again a postponement or a compromise that nobody is convinced of and is really just the start of the next crisis. This is how things have been proceeding for years now. Enough already.

We don’t want to speak of greatness, or of political heroes or of far-reaching actions. That’s difficult in a complex system like Europe. We want to speak of the minimum: Politics requires successes in order to legitimate itself. It has to solve problems, especially the really tough ones that require a lot of effort. But that’s not happening. In the case of Greece, all we have been seeing are pseudo-solutions, if even that.

A brief breather is always given, only to be followed by the next marathon meeting and the next expedited proceedings in the German parliament. The exhaustion will continue to grow, as will the weariness that will catapult the next populists into power — the very ones who will make solving the problems even harder. It’s a vicious cycle.

A Permanent State of Crisis

But exhaustion is merely one of the costs of this permanent state of crisis. The truth is that we have lost Europe in recent years. It is no longer the Europe that its generation of founders and builders promised — people like Robert Schuman, Konrad Adenauer, Helmut Kohl and François Mitterrand. It’s almost the opposite. What we are living in today is an anti-Europe.

Much has contributed to this state of affairs — not least the euro crisis. But nothing has been as damaging as the protracted fight over Greece.

Europe promised joint growth for everyone. Instead we have competition for prosperity. Many Germans don’t want to have to sacrifice anything for Greece, whereas many Greeks expect Germans to make a contribution to ensure that what the Greeks are forced to give up doesn’t become too harsh.

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