Femen, where are you going to?

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Femen, where are you going to? I supported you since years but meanwhile I am no longer sure if your last ‘performances’ were useful for us women.

Your claim feminism in a dogmatic manner and placing a monopoly on what is and isn’t freedom.

Yesterday you protested in Hamburg, a place were about 300 escapees from Africa apply for asylum. femenThese African people landed on Lampedusa (Italy) and were sent to Germany, which is not according to European asylum-law. You said these escapees should stay in Hamburg. So, Femen, did you listen to the words of the mayor who held an interesting speech? He said the escapees had no valid papers, they did not tell their names and they refused to say who they are and were they come from.

Would you let someone into your house who does lie about his background? Does not tell you his name?  How stupid!

It is doubtful these escapees are from Libya, Libyan people look different. These escapees are from Central-Africa. Nobody knows if they are escapees or Islamic misogynist.

You, Femen have a male Boss, how nice. You, Femen have clear instructions how to protest, why not. You recruited many young girls who just have lost their track and overreact without knowing political backgrounds.

I am sorry to say, but you no longer are of help for real Feminism and to gain women-rights! Stop self-promotion!

Sally Starbride

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