Love, Lust and 25 mg Orgasm

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LustSo is it true that love is just a chemical state? A state with genetic roots and environmental influences? Some recent research say that there might be drugs or genetic therapies which can help people to fall in love, or perhaps fix broken relationships.

Perhaps it is serotonin only that helps someone get over a sad love affair faster.

So all you need is 25 mg Serotonin and all is fine! Maybe doing new things with your long-term partner will be a good trick so the brain into feeling romantic love. It is worth a try, right?

New ways of SexHave a good week!

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Love, Lust and 25 mg Orgasm , 4.3 out of 6 based on 6 ratings

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  1. Bethany Frasier

    Interesting that you mentioned serotonin. I have a sensitivity to serotonin in that it is a trigger for migraine headaches. When I eat foods containing high amounts of serotonin, like bananas and cashews, it can trigger a migraine headache.

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