Men are responsible for the menopause

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Well, not really and since I am into girls I cannot say so. But, my dear straight sisters and bi-sisters, you should think about to slip under my blanket.

Hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings – menopause and its side effects can all be blamed on men, experts (men!) suggest.

50 and irresistable

Evolutionary geneticists from Canada’s McMaster University say men’s tendency to choose younger mates meant fertility became pointless for older women.
In PLOS Computational Biology, they say this eventually led to the menopause.

But a UK expert said that was the “wrong way round” and men chose younger women because older women were less fertile.

In the UK, like elsewhere, the social system is changing. There are women who are starting families later, because of education or a career the average age for women to go through the menopause is now 52 even though the average woman goes on to live for another 30 years.

50 and so hot

Guess what, sisters? Women are so different…. from my experiences I am addicted to mature women. The sex is hotter, the experiences grown and they are simply the best lovers. Of course there are a very few exceptions *grin*

So happy I am into women – perhaps no menopause!


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Men are responsible for the menopause, 5.4 out of 6 based on 1 rating

2 thoughts on “Men are responsible for the menopause

  1. Bethany Frasier

    Well… as much as I enjoy blaming men for everything that’s wrong in the world, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on this one! Our youths were much different, Sally! I find myself looking back the older I get while you look forward. I’ll grant you that yours is probably the healthier outlook!

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  2. Starbride Post author

    Doubt it or not – I heard from a few women they lost fun in sex after their hubby found his way into a younger one. And a life without sex? This makes you really old.

    Btw: I stopped looking back after my divorce! *grin*

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