Oh My! Myspace!

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From time to time I log into Myspace…. Oh what wonderful times we had! This was a wonderful community and indeed, many of our members and so many of my friends I found on… Myspace.

I just saw the ‘New Myspace’ and I was about to cancel my account. myspace_todayAdvertisement, advertisement – a burden of our time! Where is my friendlist? My profile, my comments?


So I switched back to the ‘Old Myspace’ (the quickest way is to change the URL from https://new.myspace.com/home to https://myspace.com/home) and I felt so sorry about the ‘old’ times… nice flirts, loving but also jealousy. Why is that bitch your topfriend? Oh, my…. gone. gone…. sorry Myspace.

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