Stay Out And Shut Up

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I really should not listen to the news nowadays. A few days ago the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution, which provides a bold peace plan in addition to a ceasefire and talks between government and opposition. Great! A peace plan! Another fine plan, I thought and learned that after the help of the UN in six months a transitional government will be formed and after 18 months the creation of a new constitution to be held election for a new government will be formed.

Well, how shall that work? I asked myself. The latest report of the Centre on Religion and Geopolitics says that 15 of  the Salafist-jihadist groups (with a transnational ideology) battling with IS would put themselves in its place.


90 percent of the groups would have the goal of overthrowing Assad, 33 percent fight against the IS. Only 38 percent said they would strive for a democracy, 10 percent protection of all ethnic and religious groups. Well, 38% democracy and 10% protection for dissenters… no, thanks.

Western powers should stay out there. Even their intervention in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan proved that any intervention exacerbates the situation.

If you send weapons all  you get back are refugees.

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2 thoughts on “Stay Out And Shut Up

  1. Damn girl. You nailed this. I think you should be an advisor, or Secretary of State. Can’t do any worse than those morons. So far I see the US peace plan as, let’s blow shit up. Long term peace plan for Middle East, is exploit oil and… Blow shit up.

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