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Echelon…. Prism… Prison….?

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Sorry, Mr President – Europe does not understand you. I do not understand you any longer.

I was so happy when you won the election – “Yes We Can!” I shouted when I believed into things getting better.

Mr President, what happened to you? It looks like the Borg control you (do Borgs drink tea?).

police stateEdward Snowden is no criminal – he is a hero.

Yesterday I read the news and it scared me. Mr President… you give the rebels “direct military aid” because  chemical weapons were used? Come on, we heard that already a few years ago. I am afraid you are going to blame yourself once more. Oh, by the way: Mr President, do you have any idea whom you are going to support?

Back to the roots, Mr President. The world needs America. A free America.

Abraham Lincoln


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