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A Victory For ‘Sluts’!

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So the FDA has finally approved the over-the-counter sale of Plan-B “day-after” birth-control pills to girls as young as age 15. Of course, in response the old white men of the Republican Party who know better than women what’s best for women have predictably howled their disdain at the announcement, claiming that the Obama Administration is trying to turn American teenaged girls into sluts. It is their belief that women who are sexually active out of wedlock must be forced to bear the consequences of their ‘sin’ by getting pregnant and being denied the option to terminate an unwanted pregnancy as a result of TRAP (targeted regulation of abortion providers) legislation which the GOP has passed in nearly every state to ensure the closure of all abortion clinics in America. This isn’t what the majority of the American people want. This FDA ruling is a small victory, but one the Republicans will fight tooth and nail!

What the Republicans never have been able to grasp is that we ‘sluts’ voted for Obama, not them, and their Neanderthal attitudes towards women are the very reason they keep losing the women’s vote and will continue to do so in the future. If a democracy votes down your principles, then get out of the way and stop trying to impose your narrow-minded minority beliefs on the majority of us who oppose them! But the GOP doesn’t really want a democracy. They want a theocracy, and continue to undermine the divisions of church and state mandated under the Constituion which have kept us free for over 200 years. Thanks to right-wing legislators who have gerry-mandered voting districts at the state level, my tax dollars are now paying for private-school vouchers for children of parents who insist on removing their children from our public schools for the purpose of indoctrinating them with fundamentalist Christian dogma in home-schools, denying evolution, history, and science in general. Essentially, my tax dollars are being used to promote child-abuse, which is precisely what these Christian home-schools are.

As we continue to dumb-down Americans with Christian education, corporate controlled media, and the denial of public funding of higher education we slide inexorably into authoritarianism under the plutocracy of the wealthy corporatists and a theocracy of the American Taliban, the Tea Party, their allies. Our experiment in democracy is in danger of ending and that is the only way the GOP can win – by undermining voter rights, restricting access to polls, and gerrymandering political districts to keep the majority from ruling in America. The availability of “Plan-B” is a small victory, but one the GOP will try desperately to revoke, because its not what the majority wants anymore… its what THEY want. We once tuned them out 50 years ago when the John Birch Society was largely marginalized and ridiculed, but they are back with a vengeance, and they have learned how to subvert democracy. So unite, sluts of the world!  Fight for your sexual freedom and all the other freedoms we are going to lose unless the Republicans are thrown out of office everywhere in America! 2014 is just around the corner!

(c) May Day, 2013 Bethany Ariel Frasier

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The War Against Women

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Black Hand Trail walk

Perhaps you’ve noticed that I rail against Republicans a lot in my posts. Well, beyond their clear and obvious intent to subvert American democracy for the purpose of installing a plutocracy of wealthy corporatists, my opposition may have something to do with the fact that every single law they attempt to jam through state and federal legislatures appears to be aimed directly at me. Everything I do seems to offend them! I co-habit with my boyfriend out of wedlock, so they introduce a bill in Virginia to outlaw co-habitation between un-married couples. I occasionally walk topless in the woods or sunbathe topless so they introduce a bill in North Carolina outlawing bare nipples and aureola. Even nipple-slips can be punishable under their new law. Unless I have a baby attached to my bare nipple, I’d better have my tits properly hidden or I’m a criminal. I’m both Native American and bisexual, so they specifically strip protection of Native American women and LGBT women from the proposed Violence Against Women Act which they have been doing everything in their power to keep from passing at all. As a rape survivor I’m also offended by the reprehensible rape language Republicans have been using in the national media to shift the blame for rape from rapists onto women and doing everything in their power to cut off rape victims from fair avenues of justice in prosecuting their attackers and ending their access to proper health-care and abortion access in the event their rape results in an unwanted pregnancy. In state after state they’re legislating petty, prudish, but mostly misogynist measures against women’s freedoms. They’re going after our access to birth-control, our reproductive rights, equal access to health-care, even our right to vote! Several Republican commentators including Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh have openly advocated for stripping women of their voting rights. One Republican state legislator even proposed recently that women should voluntarily give up their right to vote because they don’t know what is best for them! Republican men do of course!

Republicans are against equal pay for women, they block us from career advancement with the glass-ceiling, they tell us to hide our shameful bodies, and if we get pregnant from rape to be thankful for the “new life” we’ve received as a gift from God. What is WRONG with these people?! In a worldwide recession where millions are out of work, they refuse to pass any legislation to ameliorate the jobs-crisis and instead dwell obsessively on controlling women’s bodies, humiliating them with forced trans-vaginal ultrasounds, and shoving them back into the barbaric days of back-alley abortions by de-funding Planned Parenthood, passing “trap” laws which regulate abortion providers out of business, gutting sex-education programs, and blocking women from access to birth-control. A proposed new Republican law in Arizona would give employers the power to request that their female employees who are being prescribed birth control pills provide proof that they’re using them for non-sexual reasons and allow them to fire their employees for using birth-control to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The only state in the entire United States which hasn’t passed any of these ridiculous Republican-backed laws that infringe on a woman’s reproductive rights is Oregon! Despite the fact that Roe vs. Wade has for nearly 40 years given us the legal right to obtain an abortion, it is all but impossible for most women in America to terminate an unwanted pregnancy even when their lives are medically in danger or if their pregnancy was the result of being raped! Why in the world are Republicans against the Taliban? They share exactly the same misogynistic attitudes towards women! Any woman who votes for any Republican candidate in any political race in America is insane. Republicans are the enemies of women and must be voted out of office at every opportunity or else America will soon become The Handmaid’s Tale. (Read it if you don’t know what I’m talking about!)

(c) February 27, 2013 Bethany Ariel Frasier

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