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Bisexual Pride

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Don’t you just hate it when you’re the last to know something? Especially when its something that pertains to you and you have to wonder how you managed to stay uninformed for so long? I just found out that we bi-sexuals have our own flag! It was designed by Michael Page in 1998 to give bi-sexuals a symbol of cultural identity similar to the rainbow flag of the 1970’s which identifies the entire LGBT community. I don’t know exactly where the bi-sexual flag is intended to be displayed. I suppose I could put one on my bedroom door, or carry it proudly in the next Gay Pride Parade, if we ever HAD a gay pride parade around here. I wouldn’t have guessed flag manufacturers have much demand for bi-sexual flags, but surprisingly I just found that I can buy one for $19.95 from BiPrideShop.com. How long has THAT been there? I’ve been bisexual for 20 years and I’m suddenly finding out that I can fly my flag proudly to the world!

That might be really helpful, you know! Each of us could wear our flags conspicuously in public so we know who we are. It could save me a lot of embarrassment when I’m attracted to another girl and if she’s wearing her gay flag or her bisexual flag, I know I’m not barking up the wrong tree! Although I’ve found a disappointing number of lesbians who won’t date bisexual girls! What’s up with that?? I DO bathe after I’ve been with a man, but apparently to some lesbians no amount of ablution is sufficient to cleanse the filth of male sperm from my body. In college I pretended to be a lesbian just to avoid that stigma with strict lesbians… the stigma of smegma! I wonder if gay men are as fussy about being with bisexual men after they’ve been with a girl! Somehow I doubt it! Girls can be pretty catty!

We bisexual women DO have our problems though! Besides lesbians who won’t sleep with us, it can be challenging to find two guys who are willing to be in a threesome with us unless the guys are bisexual too. Straight guys can be so homophobic sometimes that they won’t even share a pretty girl in bed if they have to get their cocks in contact with another cock while doing it! I found that out the hard way, if you’ll excuse the pun. In fact, the best of all possible worlds is for bisexuals to just stick with other bisexuals, male and female! Gays and straights both seem too often to have the unfortunate habit of being jealous about sharing their partners, while bisexuals rarely seem to exhibit any such possessive tendencies and quite often enjoy sharing a lover with someone else. So it seems to me that bisexuals are the most versatile and possibly the happiest of any of the sexual orientations, not only because we have twice as many partners to choose from as opposed to gays and straights, but we have the fewest problems with intimate relationships because jealousy is so rarely an issue. So fly your flag with pride, my fellow and sister bisexuals! Assuming you were even aware that we HAD a flag!

(c) February 18th, 2013 Bethany Ariel Frasier

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