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Wacking-off in the Womb

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Now the Republicans are claiming that fetuses masturbate in the womb, so we don’t dare abort them. I suppose this is their way of appealing to us godless secular humanists who have long denied that fetuses have a soul, to convince us that fetuses are hedonists just like we are, so we certainly don’t want to kill our own kind… or something like that. I haven’t quite figured out the rationale for why they have suddenly jumped on this absurd argument which has landed them so much ridicule and derision lately.

 So if its not about having a soul, but about whether or not a fetus feels pleasure and pain, then why is the pain of a fetus so much more heinous than the pain of cows, pigs, and chickens in confined-animal feeding operations. The abusive conditions in CAFO industrial agriculture are so egregious that the Republicans have passed laws through the state legislatures to gag whistle-blowers and prevent them from taking videos of the extreme cruelty that confined farm animals must endure as they are raised for slaughter. They don’t want consumers to see or know about the degree of suffering farm-animals are subjected to by the ag-industry, so they have simply made it a crime to show us the truth. These are the same people who are right in our faces with graphic images of the horrors inflicted upon aborted fetuses.

 Pain is pain! Why are we willing to inflict it upon our domesticated animals without circumspection or guilt, but we are perfectly willing to sacrifice the human rights, the health, or even the very life of a pregnant woman rather than allow pain and suffering to be inflicted upon a fetus while terminating a pregnancy? Abortion protesters routinely picket abortion clinics carrying protest-signs with pictures of aborted fetuses in order to shock us with the violence and cruelty undergone by an aborted fetus, but we are now forbidden by law to even see equally graphic images of the pain and suffering of farm animals within a CAFO industrial-farm.

 They argue that human life is sacred, but apparently not sacred enough to end war, capital punishment, or guarantee universal health-care and work-place safety to preserve it! So obviously it is not all that sacred to them! We find reasons to end human-life every day for the sake of societal expediency. We have done it for millennia! A woman has the same right to end her own pregnancy, without interference from Republicans or their ilk! The war against abortion is just another battlefront in the conservatives’ war against women, another way to keep us subjugated to the dominance of males! Remember this anti-women Republican agenda when you vote in 2014!

 (c) June 20th, 2014 – Bethany Ariel Frasier

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