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Russian version of Facebook under increasing pressure

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Russia’s successful Facebook clone VKontakte has long been a thorn in the Kremlin’s side. VK (Originally VKontakte which means ‘in Contact’) is a social network service, also available in several languages.

Now, Moscow appears to be increasing pressure on the company, and CEO Pavel Durov has left the country.


Did I say ‘Fuck Putin’? No today? Ok, here it is: ‘Fuck you Putin, damn dictator.’ Harmless girls like Pussy Riot, democracy and freedom is not what you like. Shame on you!


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Fuck you, Putin! Bravo Femen!

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Again I am proud of my sisters from Femen when they attacked dictator Putin, who is fully responsible that the harmless women-groop Pussy Riot has been sentenced to prison in an unfair trial. Here is what just happened:

Femen vs Putin

Activists screamed with voice of the nation ” fuck you, dictator!”. After incident Putin and Merkel left the place to follow the plan of visiting. FEMEN calls Russia to scream “Go to hell, dictator” with all 150 millions of voices! If he will not hear that then to send him there against his will. No dictatorship, homophobia and theocracy. Fuck Kreml, FSB, Russion Ortodox Church and other groups of offenders. Fuck Putin! Viva Free Russia! Sextremists who attacked Putin are arrested and they are waiting for the revenge to them from police.

Femen vs Putin 1

Mrs Merkel – since you are a woman you hopefully told that bastard a few words!


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Pussy Riot – Stalin is not dead

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The women from Russian feminist punk-rock Pussy Riot secretly wrote each other letters while in pre-trial detention. The letters show how pressure was used to manipulate the trial and to divide the punk band.

In Russia, female prisoners who are spying on their fellow inmates usually are called Nassjedka (mother hens). They badger their victims until they confess being guilty, or give away secrets and/or betray their friends. The informers expect an early release or improvement of detention conditions.
Pussy Riot
              Jekaterina Samuzewitsch (left)        –        Nadeschda Tolokonnikowa (middle)        –        Maria Aljochina (right)

Irina Orlova is such a mother hen, housed in a cell with Yekaterina Samutsevich, 30, the eldest of the 3 imprisoned Pussy Riot members. Samutsevich probably being the weakest of the three women, maybe because she is a lesbian and is therefore likely to be more fearful than the others of being arrested in a female prison camp.
Orlova intensively cared for Samutsevich. She cleaned up the small cell, ordered Samutsevich’s hair and prepared food for her.

With Orlova’s help a whole team of colleagues creating suspicions amongst the activists trying to influence the trial. From the start, Russian agents kept the band and those associated with it under observation in order to destroy the Pussy Riot myth and play off the imprisoned activists against each other.

“Watch out for Irina Orlova,” Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, the band’s 22-year-old spokeswoman, warned her colleagues and she added:

“No admission of guilt, and no cooperation with the government and the investigators.”

Stalin is not dead, he changed his name into Vladimir Putin.

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Vladimir P. – the Bastard

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Vladimir, if there is anyone who made me upset, you are in the first row.
I hate you for charging three women, the feminist punk band Pussy Riot, with “hooliganism.” What a fake bastard you are!

Pussy Riot trial in Moscow

Oh, you are so confident… you put Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who was Russia’s richest man until on trial until 2010.

Did you learn your cruel business at KGB school in Okhta, Leningrad?

Even Stalingrad will be back on the map – Stalin, who murdered Million of people.

Vladimir Putin -But the day will come and you have to pay!

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