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Pejorative Karma

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Life has a way of sticking it to us when we really deserve it. That’s karma. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how the Tea Party Republicans might suffer the consequences of their despicable efforts to extort American democracy by closing down the US government if they don’t get their way; a way incidentally that was soundly rejected by the voters in the 2012 elections. My first choice (were I the arbiter of karma) would of course be that every Republican be voted out of office in the 2014 midterm elections, …but that’s not going to happen. This is the new America, where thanks to Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, a sufficient portion of the electorate has been dumbed-down to the point where they are completely out of touch with reality and have been duped by the mouth-pieces of the 1% to faithfully vote against their own best interests. The crazy Republicans I’m afraid are going to be around for awhile, wreaking havoc on the 99%. No… karma is more subtle than that, and perhaps more clever. So here is a consequence so obvious that it has most likely never occurred to the reality-challenged Republican conservatives. The term Obamacare will live through history, ensuring that the name of this black President whom the conservatives revile so much will endure through time while they and everything they believe in will have been relegated to the forgotten dust-bin of history. The irony of course is that the conservatives created the term ‘Obamacare’ themselves as a pejorative, hoping to bring down the President by attaching his name to a program which they intended to see trashed. Guess what! Obamacare is going to outlive all of its detractors and insure that this President goes down in history as one of the most famous, beloved by our descendents the way Lincoln, Washington, and Jefferson are.

Think about this for a moment. No other President in history has had his name attached to his signature program. Social Security is not named for Franklin Roosevelt. Medicare is not named for Lyndon Johnson. Both of these landmark laws have endured through history creating a lasting legacy for the men who created them. Now imagine Obamacare, delivering affordable health insurance to millions who otherwise would have none. It will join these other beloved programs as a part of the historic legacy of American progress, but thanks to the Republicans it will carry Barack Obama’s name right along with it. And if you love this irony, here is an even better one. The whole concept of Obamacare was thought up by Republicans, not Democrats, in an effort to deflect the country away from a single-payer system and thus guaranteeing profits for private-sector insurance corporations! No, Obamacare isn’t the system we progressives wanted. But when the right-wing attacked Hillary-care and made single-payer socialism politically impossible in this country, this was the more palatable plan they created and offered up as an alternative. The Republicans gave us the individual-mandate and now after divorcing themselves from the whole concept, here it is! A reality. They have guaranteed the historic legacy of the man they swore it was their first objective to make sure never got elected to a second term. Nice going, losers! Karma is a beautiful thing!

(c) October 3, 2013 – Bethany Ariel FrasierTea-Party-Meeting

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Good Morning America – Ideological Crusading

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I read the European papers and I wonder: what is going on? Some right-winged people with lots of money and a few people who have no idea of Global politic (sorry, dear Tea Party) are going to ruin a whole country.

The Republicans and and a few nitwits  achieve what Al-Qaeda did not achieve:

The destruction of American.

american crisisGood Night Free America, we will miss you!


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The Mean-Spirited

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(Otherwise Known As My Shit List) (Not a Complete List) (Not In Any Order)

-The Taliban who kill women for educating themselves and who destroy world heritage sites and historic artifacts if they are not Islamic.
-The Westboro Baptist Church disrupting military funerals as part of their anti-gay agenda.
-The NRA which cynically warns Americans Obama is coming to take their guns so they will go out and buy more guns to hoard.
-The Tea Party continually denying the legitimacy of Obama’s Presidency.
-The Republican Party in nearly everything they do: gerrymandering voting districts, attacking women’s rights, restricting voter access, gridlocking the federal government with the Congressional filibuster just to make the Obama presidency fail, busting unions, voting for corporate welfare while denying it to people… the list is endless.
-The Koch brothers who fund covert political operations to control and subvert democracy.
-Dick Cheney exempting the frakking industry from all environmental regulation to enrich his friends at Halliburton and Big Oil.
-The North Korean government… pick a reason. Any reason.
-Ted Nugent for being a dick.
-Boy Scouts of America for denying membership to gays.
-The Catholic Church for sexually-molesting children and covering it up.
-Zionist settlers on the West Bank who deliberately make any efforts at Middle East peace an impossibility.
-Terrorists of any persuasion who believe their goals are more important than innocent people’s lives.
-Deniers of global warming.
-College frat hazing, especially at Dartmouth.
-The KKK
-Ayn Rand
-The Steubenville, Ohio police department and prosecuters.
-Driver’s license photographers
-Sheriff Joe Arpaio
-My twin sister
-Ann Coulter for calling me a whiny liberal bitch at her lecture at Denison University when I asked her a simple question.

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