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Batrea (Chapter 3)

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Chad’s pants lay crumpled around his ankles. He’d expected it to take longer for Melanie to get their 17-year old babysitter out of her clothes so he hadn’t made it up to the bedroom window over the pool with sufficient alacrity. Consequently he’d missed Trea’s brave strip by the whirlpool and by the time he’d fumbled the lens caps off his binoculars he was just in time to see Trea’s naked body taking a swan dive into the pool. All he’d seen so far was her sexy ass flying through the air and he was kicking himself for not getting to the window in time to see the beautiful teenager bare her breasts for his wife. He was nearly trembling with excitement as he watched Melanie’s naked body diving in after her. He was barely aware of his rock-hard erection so much as he was the thickening lump down his throat which refused to move in either direction. As he waited for Trea to surface and hopefully show her breasts again he fidgeted nervously and the over-sized ends of his binoculars kept bumping the window-pane and making his eye-sockets hurt with each awkward bounce. For months he had waited for this moment and now it seemed to be progressing faster than he had dreamed. He wanted nothing more than to run downstairs and join the two naked women in the swimming pool, but he was afraid the young girl might not be ready for his intrusion into their erotic tryst just yet, and he didn’t want to ruin what it had taken him months to achieve! As he re-focused the eye-piece Melanie was intimately kissing their adolescent conquest and Chad was envying his wife while his hand absently stroked his manhood. As he zoomed-in as far as he could he thought he saw Melanie shoot him a glance over Trea’s shoulder as they embraced and his heart skipped a beat as he thought about his wife making love to this girl and taking a moment to include a thought for him during this erotic kiss. The gesture made him compose himself a bit and be hopeful for the evening yielding something for both of them. He took a deep breath and steadied his nervousness as he watched his wife pulling Trea towards the pool-edge directly below him. The angle was steep, but Trea’s breasts came suddenly into view as Melanie bounced the girl out of the water on her knee and within seconds Chad was treated to the sight of Trea’s naked body glistening on the pool-deck directly below him, fully illuminated by the flood lights. He trained his gaze over every inch of her young and sensuous figure remembering all the times he’d dreamed of seeing her breasts like this. He couldn’t take his eyes off her pale brown nipples, sparkling with droplets of water reflected by the spotlights. He noted her smooth-shaved mons and watched in fascination as his wife looked up at him and smiled before leaning in and closing her mouth over the young girl’s virgin sex.

Trea imagined everyone in the neighborhood watching her sprawling naked on the Turners’ pool-deck as she waited for the moment her young vagina would be kissed by another female for the first time in her life. She kept her eyes closed and gasped for breath as the moment came not as a kiss, but with Mrs. Turner’s whole mouth closing intimately around the bulging crescent of her pussy with her tongue pushing deep inside her inner lips. It felt delicious! It felt SO naughty! Her clitoris tingled as it never had when her own finger had caressed it, and she nearly jumped. The contrast between the rough concrete beneath her ass and the softness of Melanie’s tongue and lips sucking upon her vulva made her weak and her arms gave out leaving her to fall flat on her back. Melanie licked and sucked enthusiastically until Trea’s slippery cum was covering her lips and tongue. The taste of the young girl’s excretions in her mouth was heavenly. She had done this with other women, wives of other couples with whom they had swapped partners, but going down on a girl young enough to be her daughter was something she never expected to be able to experience. The teenager was responding to her practiced tongue with unabashed pleasure, wiggling and pushing her pussy back into her mouth without a bit of shyness. Melanie looked up to see Chad watching them from only an arm’s length behind Trea and after a few moments of enjoying his obvious excitement she motioned him over to the whirlpool with her eyes. Trea felt Melanie’s hands reach up and caress her breasts, pinching and rolling her nipples between her fingers and she started tingling with the thrill of an impending climax. Melanie moved up to urge her clit from under her hood and then started pushing the flattened tip of her tongue around the girl’s hardening nub in teasing circles which drove Trea crazy with pleasure. Every time her body wrenched with the beginnings of a tremendous orgasm, her back scraped the rough concrete and kept her maddeningly distracted, just enough to keep her from falling over the edge of ecstasy. It was like the feeling of being stuck on the verge of sneezing without being able to go either way. She bucked and moaned and Melanie enjoyed every moment of driving the young girl absolutely crazy. “Oh don’t… don’t stop! Oh, GOD don’t stop”! Trea begged through short, panting breaths as Melanie licked and sucked just the right spot with expert aplomb. She slid a finger inside the young girl’s slit and petted Trea’s G-spot in a hard circular rub and Trea instantly lost control and exploded! She’d never had her most private spots invaded and taken out of her control by another and she couldn’t get enough of the feeling of surrendering her body to this beautiful woman. Melanie kept the teen’s climax going for as long as she could as Trea grabbed her own breasts and squeezed her nipples as hard as she could, trembling and shaking all the while! Mrs. Turner knew it was time to back off and let the young girl’s pleasure consume her. As Trea’s chest heaved in ragged breaths, Chad watched her soft, nubile breasts rise and fall with each gasp of air.

Melanie laid her cheek upon Trea’s mound and felt the young girl’s heat as she lay there trembling. She gave her swollen pussy-lips a big kiss and pulled herself up on the pool deck and leaned over the girl but Trea couldn’t move yet. Melanie smiled and walked over to the whirlpool and stepped in with Chad, who anxiously kissed Trea’s cum from his wife’s lips. He had become incredibly aroused watching his wife go down on the beautiful teenager, and they both waited to see what Trea’s next decision would be. As she lay there, naked, spread wide beneath the canopy of the summer night that very thought was going through her mind! She had spent so many fantasies of being intimate with another girl and now they had all come true. She wanted nothing more than to bury her tongue into Melanie’s soft, wet pussy as the beautiful older woman had just done to her, but Chad was a distraction she wasn’t sure she was ready to deal with. Was this the night she would lose her virginity? She turned her head and looked towards her employer and his wife and knew she had just changed the whole nature of their relationship. She was only 17, but she had let herself become the sex-toy of a married couple her parents’ age. The thought of her father’s friend plunging his penis into her strangely excited her, but it hadn’t happened yet, and right now all she was yearning for was more of the beautiful Melanie. She wasn’t even on birth-control she reminded herself as she made her decision.

Trea walked across the pool deck towards the whirlpool where Melanie and Chad were leaning over kissing each other as they soaked side-by-side in the warm, bubbling water. She was conscious of Chad watching her out of the corner of his eye as her young breasts bounced freely with every step of her sultry stride. She knew she was driving the older man crazy with her bare, teen-aged body and she decided to play with this power she had over him for as long as she could. She still felt flushed from the incredible orgasm Chad’s wife had just given her and she knew she wanted to return the pleasure to this amazing woman who had introduced her so deliciously to femme-sex, but she was also surprised to find that she loved Chad’s eyes glued to her naked body. She picked up a couple of fluffy towels and unfolded them, laying them out on the wooden deck surrounding the jacuzzi behind Melanie, then sat with her legs folded under her pulling her fingers through the blond’s damp tresses playfully. She leaned over and whispered something in Melanie’s ear. Chad’s wife smiled and stepped out of the whirlpool. Trea handed her a towel and she wrapped it around herself after drying her skin, then she walked towards the house and disappeared through the sliding door, turning to give them a smile as she disappeared into the expansive house.

Chad’s heart was pounding out of his chest again as Trea stepped into the whirlpool with him. She settled into the warm, bubbling water and sat across from him with her breasts bobbing on the surface. Chad wondered what she had whispered to Melanie, but since she obviously had something in mind for him, he decided to let her play out her plan. He felt her foot slowly wandering up his thigh under the swirling water and tried to keep his cool as it found his manhood hardening between his legs. She felt it grow under her wiggling toes until it was hard as steel. Her smile was so wicked he could hardly keep it in his mind that she was only 17. She swam across the short distance between them and pushed him upright until he realized she wanted his loins above the surface of the water. He pulled himself up so he was sitting on the ledge with her on her knees between his legs. She slid her fingers lightly around his hard, wet cock and stroked him seductively as he gasped for a sudden deep breath. A shiver ran through him as he tried to calm his nervousness. Trea loved what she was doing to the older man. She looked up into his eyes and took his hard phallus slowly into her mouth and guided the silky-skinned head of his erection deep into the back of her mouth until he felt it squeezed tightly inside the narrow opening of her throat. He groaned as her lips slid all the way to the base of his thick shaft and while her tongue worked its way up and down the sensitive ridge on the front of his cock he arched his back and pushed himself into the 17 year-old as far as she could take him. Trea had given enough head to the boys at school to have become quite adept at controlling her gag-reflex and she could keep Chad pressed into the back of her throat for a long time as her lips crawled deeply around the base of his penis until they were tickled by his short-cropped pubic hair. She knew just how to take him to the brink and keep him there, while his hands trembled in their grip around the back of her head. She pushed his thighs wide apart so she could play with his balls and suck them into her mouth too. He groaned audibly and her wet lips stretched around him into a gleaming smile as she once again took in his enormous cock in long, deep thrusts, while adroitly wiggling her tongue into his “spot”. After a couple of minutes of her deep thrusts, he gave up any hope of trying to constrain his climax and Trea knew he was about to explode. She encouraged his release by sucking hard in rapid head-thrusts and paused when she felt him stiffen to let him shoot his load into her mouth. She felt her lips yield with the pulsing of his orgasm and kept her lips firmly around his shaft as his body seized in rigid tension. His thick cum hit the back of her throat and she instantly backed him out of her mouth so his head was just inside her lips. Pulse after pulse filled her mouth with his slimy ejaculate and she pursed her lips around him and pulled out every last drop before gulping the salty, warm and slightly bleachy-tasting wad down her throat and into her tummy. He realized that the young girl had just swallowed his load, and he gave her a look of awed gratitude that she had done it for him the first time without any encouragement. His body went limp as she resumed sucking his cock to give him that last charge of stimulation to the overloaded nerves in his now-sensitive dick. His hands trembled around the back of her head and he leaned back to support himself on his arms, but he was too wobbly to even keep himself upright and he fell back flat on the deck of the jacuzzi. She licked her teeth clean of the thick, jelly-like sperm that clung in the recesses of her gums and sucked together a wad of saliva to wash the last remnants of his cum down her throat. She was anxious to get upstairs and into bed where she knew Melanie was waiting for her and when Chad had collected his senses enough to realize what she was doing, her pert, round ass was already wiggling its way towards the house.

(c) 2011 Bethany Ariel Frasier

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