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Summer of ’93

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hahahorseThe rain had stopped in the night before I woke up and I remembered what Tharyn had told me about fireworks making it rain. I guess she was right. Something about nucleogenic particles in the atmosphere. The rain had left the early Monday morning deceptively cool but it was July and I knew it would soon turn into another scorcher. It was just after dawn and I had mucked the stalls and pulled off a fresh flake of hay for each of the horses we boarded in our stable. My own brown quarter-horse Thunder was under the overhanging bay of the hay-mow waiting for me to finish up scrubbing the water-buckets. Pip never cleaned them properly and the hot summer temperatures would encourage algae to bloom in the horses’ drinking water if I didn’t do it. From the look of the stalls she hadn’t done a very good job mucking them the previous day either. She’d deny it of course and we’d only get into another argument if I told mom. Dad would defend her as usual. It was the day after Independence Day, 1993 and the celebrations in the village had concluded the night before with the big fireworks show my family sponsored and had every year since I was a little girl. My twin and I had taken turns over the weekend sitting over the dunk-tank at the street-fair waiting for guys to throw baseballs at the target-lever and dump us into the water to raise money for the Kiwanis Club. My older sister Tharyn had to do it for years, but since Pip and I had boobs now, she decided we were old enough to take over the job, so we weren’t really volunteers. We were conscripted! After taking a few plunges into the cold water Pip decided she didn’t like it much and said next year I could do it alone. I didn’t mind. I had as much fun doing it as the boys did watching me coming up from the tank soaking wet! Everything was settling down to normal again after the four-day street-fair in the village had folded up and maybe that sense of calm had given me a false feeling of safety, or maybe it was the attention I’d gotten over the weekend that encouraged me to be more daring, but it was while I was feeding the horses that I decided this was the day. No one usually came out to the farm to ride that early on a Monday and my sisters would still be asleep, so today was the day I was going to go through with it!

1364937147I thought about riding out to the rear pasture bareback but then had second thoughts. I was comfortable riding Thunder without a saddle but this would be quite a different experience and I decided for what I had planned I’d better see how it went with a saddle first. I slung my heavy western saddle off the fence-rail onto his pad, dropped his girth cinch and thumped his ribs so he’d quit trying to hold his breath while I pulled the cinches tight. The trouble with a smart horse is that they’re always trying to outsmart you by expanding their lungs while you cinch their girth. Thunder was a very smart horse and never gave up trying to keep his saddle on the loose side! What did he care if the saddle rolled and I wound up on my ass? Never think horses can’t laugh! The smarter they are, the wickeder their sense of humor! I mounted up and we started off at a flat walk and then slow-gaited out the farm-lane along the fence-line bordering the riding-fields heading towards the woods. I wanted him warm but not sweating in case I did decide to try taking off his saddle when I finally got out there. As we got into the woods I began looking around nervously even though I knew I was alone. I chose the trails that would lead me back to the rear of the farm. Once I rode deeper into the woods and got past the thicket I knew I’d feel safer so I took the east trail which wound around the dense new growth of trees where the sun filtered everything into a light green glow and then got back under the deeper shadow of the older trees on the other side. This was the spot where I’d gotten the idea a few weeks before and where the seed was planted in my mind for what I intended to do today. Chris had been riding along with me that day and he always seemed to bring out the devil in me so after a few taunts I had pulled my shirt off and ridden topless for him. His reaction was so stimulating that I had tried to picture in my mind what I must have looked like as if I were watching another girl do it. I’d only kept it off for a few minutes before I got scared and put my shirt back on but even that fear was exhilarating. Today I was going to go the rest of the way and take everything off and ride naked for as long as I dared and see if that fearful exhilaration was even more profound than just riding topless. I had plotted this scenario in my fantasies many times over, speculating on every possible way this could go wrong, but regardless of the danger and maybe because of it the idea had grown in my mind until it was a kind of obsession and I was determined to try it despite the risks when the right opportunity presented itself.

The closer we got to the back pasture the more excited I became. Thunder seemed to pick-up on my nervousness and kept his head high over his withers as if he were being watchful too. Horses can be so damned empathic I wondered if he sensed I was about to make him my accomplice in crime. I kind of wished Chris were along to watch me do it since it was his dare that started me on this mad course in the first place, but he would be a distraction; one more loose variable to worry about, so this thrill was for me alone. I saw the opening to the pasture ahead and decided I’d better look for a place to stash my clothes. Part of this was the thrill of leaving my retreat cut-off and having no quick way of getting dressed again. I wanted to ride out in the open pasture completely naked and committed, leaving my clothes far behind. I stopped short of the bright sunshine beyond the few remaining trees ahead and dismounted, leading my horse beside a large, fallen log. I looked around one last time, pulled my boots off and slid my shorts and panties down my legs. Sitting bare-assed on the log I carefully laid them out beside me and climbed up on the fallen tree trunk and pulled my shirt off. My heart was thudding as I felt nothing between my skin and the wide world but before I could let fear change my mind I grabbed the saddle horn and stepped barefoot into the stirrups and swung into the saddle. It felt so wickedly naughty! Some last vestige of decency prompted me to pull my long brown hair in front of my shoulders so it covered my breasts and without another thought I kicked my heels into his flanks and we burst out into the open sunshine at a gallop. I could always feel my boobs bouncing when I rode fast but feeling the wind on my bare skin for the first time was wonderful so I threw my hair back and felt the morning air stiffening my nipples as the wind caught my hair and the woods receded further and further behind me. I slowed down to a pace and looked around me in every direction. I was all alone in the middle of a rolling field of grass and suddenly the fear subsided and the thrill of what I was doing took hold of me!

I was never so conscious of the passage of time while on a horse before but I found myself savoring every second. The farther out in the open field I rode the less tempted I became to chicken out and race back for the safety of my clothes. I was completely free but completely trapped at the same time! If someone suddenly appeared there was no hiding and no covering-up. I came to a halt at the edge of a gentle slope down to the shallow, reedy pond and dismounted. I felt like walking down and wading in but the bottom would be soft and muddy and my bare feet would sink in and I might lose my footing so I just stood there in front of my horse and wondered what if anything a horse might think seeing a naked 13 year old girl in front of him. I let all the fear of getting caught dissolve away and just enjoyed the sun and the wind playing against my bare skin and thought back to all my imagined reactions to this moment when I had played them out in my mind. The thing I had never anticipated was how transitory it would all seem in the moment when I had to ride back to safety and get my clothes back on. I wanted to just stay out here and be naked forever. Deep down I even wanted someone to see me because it all seemed so unreal to actually be doing it and not just fantasizing about it. I climbed back up in the saddle and thought about heading back to the woods and leaving the saddle on the log so I could ride my horse truly bareback, but I’d already been exposed for nearly 15 minutes and figured I was pushing my luck! We trotted back to the woods and I rode back and forth a ways along the outer line of trees just to prolong the experience but finally it was time to cover up again. I don’t even remember putting my clothes back on I did it so mindlessly. I remember a momentary feeling of guilt while I was pulling my boots back on that I had actually gotten away with it, but I was back on the other side of the woods before I became truly conscious of my surroundings again. All I wanted was to do it again, but I’d have to wait for another time and another opportunity. All together that summer I rode in the nude three times, once bareback and no one ever caught me. I never even told Chris I had done it. It was a private thing I kept to myself. And that was the only summer I ever did it. In fact that was the last summer I managed to get away with all the crazy things I used to try. The next summer I had finally pushed my luck too far and I started getting caught at every naughty thing I tried. Chris and I got careless and finally got caught having sex the next spring just before my fourteenth birthday and after that I had a bad reputation for being wild and everyone watched me like a hawk! I think about those days more now, nineteen years later than I ever have in the past, maybe because no one is watching me anymore and the audacious things I try now just aren’t as thrilling as they used to be when I was young and innocent, …at least until everyone found out I wasn’t really all that innocent!

(c) 2013 Bethany Ariel Frasier

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Solidarity with Amina!

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Amina, 19, was delivered her to a psychiatric hospital after she posted topless photos of herself to the Femen web page.

aminaAmina with the message “My Body is My Own and Not the Source of Anyone’s Honor,” scrawled in Arabic across her chest.

Amina disappeared a few days after her March 16 appearance on the popular Tunisian television talk show, during which she explained, with her face blurred to protect her identity, her decision to join Femen.

One of the people who kidnapped Amina has been boasting that they did it for ‘her own good, but it is not quite clear if that is true.

It was reported further that Amina’s Femen page was later hacked and defaced with citations from the Quran.

Many Moslems already said that Islam should not be blamed for what a few idiots do in the name of God.
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The War Against Women

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Black Hand Trail walk

Perhaps you’ve noticed that I rail against Republicans a lot in my posts. Well, beyond their clear and obvious intent to subvert American democracy for the purpose of installing a plutocracy of wealthy corporatists, my opposition may have something to do with the fact that every single law they attempt to jam through state and federal legislatures appears to be aimed directly at me. Everything I do seems to offend them! I co-habit with my boyfriend out of wedlock, so they introduce a bill in Virginia to outlaw co-habitation between un-married couples. I occasionally walk topless in the woods or sunbathe topless so they introduce a bill in North Carolina outlawing bare nipples and aureola. Even nipple-slips can be punishable under their new law. Unless I have a baby attached to my bare nipple, I’d better have my tits properly hidden or I’m a criminal. I’m both Native American and bisexual, so they specifically strip protection of Native American women and LGBT women from the proposed Violence Against Women Act which they have been doing everything in their power to keep from passing at all. As a rape survivor I’m also offended by the reprehensible rape language Republicans have been using in the national media to shift the blame for rape from rapists onto women and doing everything in their power to cut off rape victims from fair avenues of justice in prosecuting their attackers and ending their access to proper health-care and abortion access in the event their rape results in an unwanted pregnancy. In state after state they’re legislating petty, prudish, but mostly misogynist measures against women’s freedoms. They’re going after our access to birth-control, our reproductive rights, equal access to health-care, even our right to vote! Several Republican commentators including Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh have openly advocated for stripping women of their voting rights. One Republican state legislator even proposed recently that women should voluntarily give up their right to vote because they don’t know what is best for them! Republican men do of course!

Republicans are against equal pay for women, they block us from career advancement with the glass-ceiling, they tell us to hide our shameful bodies, and if we get pregnant from rape to be thankful for the “new life” we’ve received as a gift from God. What is WRONG with these people?! In a worldwide recession where millions are out of work, they refuse to pass any legislation to ameliorate the jobs-crisis and instead dwell obsessively on controlling women’s bodies, humiliating them with forced trans-vaginal ultrasounds, and shoving them back into the barbaric days of back-alley abortions by de-funding Planned Parenthood, passing “trap” laws which regulate abortion providers out of business, gutting sex-education programs, and blocking women from access to birth-control. A proposed new Republican law in Arizona would give employers the power to request that their female employees who are being prescribed birth control pills provide proof that they’re using them for non-sexual reasons and allow them to fire their employees for using birth-control to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The only state in the entire United States which hasn’t passed any of these ridiculous Republican-backed laws that infringe on a woman’s reproductive rights is Oregon! Despite the fact that Roe vs. Wade has for nearly 40 years given us the legal right to obtain an abortion, it is all but impossible for most women in America to terminate an unwanted pregnancy even when their lives are medically in danger or if their pregnancy was the result of being raped! Why in the world are Republicans against the Taliban? They share exactly the same misogynistic attitudes towards women! Any woman who votes for any Republican candidate in any political race in America is insane. Republicans are the enemies of women and must be voted out of office at every opportunity or else America will soon become The Handmaid’s Tale. (Read it if you don’t know what I’m talking about!)

(c) February 27, 2013 Bethany Ariel Frasier

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Batrea (Chapter 2)

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“Fuck”! Trea slid the steam-fogged shower door back and realized she had once again gotten in the shower without remembering to bring a clean towel into the bathroom with her. “MOM”! she shouted, but she knew her mom was probably down in the kitchen out of earshot. She wrung the water from her long auburn hair and stepped out onto the rug leaving wet footprints as rivulets gathered in the crack of her pert bottom and dripped off the curves of her naked body. She turned off the fan to hear if her father could be heard walking around upstairs and when the coast seemed clear, she opened the bathroom door and steam poured out into the cooler hallway. She padded dripping wet across the hall to the linen closet to grab a towel and quickly wrapped it around her body, then pulled out another one for her hair which was plastered around her neck and shoulders like a wet mop. She heard the chime of her phone and ran into her room to read her text. Her father had made Trea leave her phone at home for their trip to her uncle’s because it irritated him to see her texting her friends all the time. “can u come over”? texted her bff Mindy. “No. Gotta go to Chad’s” Trea texted back. “Bet I know why. lol Did U decide yet”? came Mindy’s response. “No! C U at church”! Trea replied then quickly slid her phone closed, tossed it on the bed and toweled her damp skin dry. She dug her hair-dryer out of the bottom drawer of her dresser and sat on the edge of her bed bowing her head through the hot gust of wind, forcing it in towards her roots, then combing the stream of warm air out through her tangled tresses. She started thinking about what Mindy was referring to in her message and her damp skin felt like she hadn’t toweled it at all because she was now perspiring lightly with the heat of the hair-dryer. Her father peeked his head in her doorway startling Trea. Her arms were over her head tossing her hair as she dried it and she jerked her arms down reflexively fearing her boobs had fallen out of her towel, but her dad had already left the doorway. ‘Damn him’! she thought. ‘I never have any privacy around here’!.

“Batrea”! her father called to her from the kitchen door as she rounded the car. “Do a good job for Mr.Turner, girl! You’re lucky to HAVE work this summer”! Trea tossed her phone on the front seat and slammed the car door closed as she started off across town to Mr. Turner’s office. At a traffic light she sat and texted Mindy who’d just sent her a message: “When ur done w/ turner, cum 2 chelsea’s. Her folks are gone”. “kk”. Trea thumbed-out as a car behind her honked impatiently. Instead of pulling away through the intersection she quickly texted Mindy: “Do u think I should”? Two question marks appeared on her screen in reply as the car behind her leaned on their horn to get her to move. Chad Turner had asked Trea to work weekends before. She knew it would only be a couple of hours of actual work and on weekends Chad’s wife Melanie would be there and Melanie always treated Trea like an adult, which was why Trea liked her so much. The work was always boring. Trea couldn’t imagine any aspect of insurance which couldn’t be boring, Although he was only in his mid-40s, Chad had very limited acumen with computers, so he left digitizing his paperwork to Trea. That she imagined must be the least boring aspect of managing an insurance brokerage, except for the Turner’s obvious income. She pulled all the way up the Turner’s driveway as Chad’s office was in the back of their home which like all the houses in this part of town reflected a prosperity greater than that of her own neighborhood. She opened the gate and walked past the pool which glowed a luminescent blue from the underwater lights. The night air was making wisps of vapor swirl up into the air in ghost-like vortices. The Turners had invited Trea to bring her friends over anytime to use the pool, at least all her girlfriends, that is. “I like your hair, dear”! Mrs. Turner said as she closed the back door and took Trea in to the business office. “Chad will be right in. Did you have a good time at your cousin’s today”? Trea felt at ease talking to Melanie, who was an attractively fit strawberry-blond in her late thirties, and would have told her all about her trip, but Chad showed up with a sheaf of client folders in his hand and Mrs. Turner winked at Trea and said she’d talk to her later.

For all her father’s exhortations about respecting her elders, Trea’s actual relationship with Chad was much more informal than her father would have abided. Batrea had started out as the Turner’s baby-sitter the summer before, but through her care for their 9-year old daughter Krystal, she had become more like a member of the family. Mr. Turner had always encouraged a casual familiarity between them and because of his kindness and easy-going manner, Trea had never considered Chad in her father’s generation even though they were close to the same age. Mr. Turner had always shown an interest in Trea’s school activities and in her friends. His agency sponsored teams that many of her friends had been on in various summer sports, and she had played softball one year wearing a jersey with the Turner Insurance Agency logo on the back. He knew the names of her friends and listened to her gossip about Sherry Hundley and her clique, and she was sometimes surprised at the things he already seemed to know about some of the kids in her school whose extra-curricular activities she had imagined were only told in secret between kids her own age. He often joked that he had been a hellion in his school days and Trea could easily picture a younger and more athletic version of this good-looking middle-aged man with his thick shock of dark hair a little bit longer and without the wisps of gray in his temples. She never could imagine her own father being as cool as Chad must have been when he was her age, nor even thought of her dad as ever having been young at all. Chad handed her a small stack of files and she knew the routine and started sorting the paperwork into piles that required scanning and piles that merely needed to be collated back into their original order when she was finished. She sat down in front of his desktop computer and opened the OCR program that would upload and store the documents in digital format.

“So did Sherry really take a job down at Hedveg’s place”? Chad asked conversationally as Trea took the last documents out of the scanner and put them back in their folders. “Ummm, yeah! That’s what Mindy said”. she replied, turning her head slightly. Prestle’s diner had long since been owned by any members of the Prestle family, who had opened the locally famous downtown establishment in the fifties and turned it into the most popular dining place in the area. For the last ten years it had been owned and operated by Heidi Meiers, who carefully preserved the tradition of good food and good service even after all the members of the Prestle family had either died or moved away. Trea knew that Ms. Meiers was locally known by both names but she didn’t know which was her real name and which was her nickname. Everyone from her father’s generation simply knew Heidi as Hedveg and everyone of all ages knew she was a lesbian. Chad often teased Trea about Sherry and knew of her frustration at being in Sherry’s shadow all through her school years but he also knew how to make Trea feel good about herself, telling her that her beauty was more natural, and Sherry’s advantages had more to do with who her family was than anything else. Even though she knew she was being flirted with, Mr. Turner told her things she loved hearing and she wasn’t at all uncomfortable because Chad already had a beautiful wife and the attention he gave Batrea swelled her teen-aged ego more than it offended her sense of propriety. She confided all she’d heard about Logansport’s belle and Chad tried to dissuade her from feeling the desire to follow Sherry Hundley to the restaurant and competing with her in that venue too. “I’d miss you too much”! he whispered in her ear while squeezing her shoulders from behind. “Did you think about what we talked about last time”? Here it came! Trea flushed and suddenly felt very warm and excited. She had hoped for more time to consider Chad’s request but knew she couldn’t stall forever. “Melanie’s out in the whirlpool. Why don’t you go out and see her while I put these files away”. Trea felt her chair being pulled out from the desk and knew she had to make a decision as she was being inexorably steered towards the pool door. She could feel her palms sweating and her heart race as she realized the moment was upon her. Last week Chad had asked the pretty 17-year old to join them in a menage-a-trois. It was a plan he had been grooming her for all summer and Trea had enjoyed the flirtations from the attractive couple for weeks without giving them any overt signals of receptivity, but her tacit acceptance of their affections was now being construed as consent. She wondered if her passivity was her own way of saying yes without actually having to say ‘yes’. And now she may have passed the point of no return as she walked out in the night air towards Melanie who was lounging casually in the whirlpool.

Batrea knew something was going to happen tonight. She just wasn’t sure what, or how far she would let it go, but her heart was still racing as she thought about it. She’d had numerous fantasies of how her virginity would be lost. It almost happened a month ago when Mindy asked her to have sex with her boyfriend with her for his 18th birthday. But when the moment finally came and Trea stripped naked with Mindy for Brandon’s big birthday present, they had gotten no farther than giving him a double-blowjob before his parents had unexpectedly come home, ending their fun in a mad dash for their clothes. Trea had been relieved and disappointed at the same time, but tonight was going to end differently she decided. Melanie watched her from the whirlpool as Trea kicked her shoes off and dipped her foot in the warm water of the swimming pool, then beckoned her over with a wave of her hand. Trea carried her shoes over and sat down with her legs dangling in the swirling foam of the whirlpool. “Get in, sweetie”! Melanie urged. “Didn’t bring a suit”! Trea demurred, but the beautiful blond laughed and pushed herself more upright against the ledge of the whirlpool so Trea could see she was topless. “I can get you one if you’re bashful”! Melanie teased with a smile. Trea felt her heart nearly pounding out of her chest and she looked around to see if any neighbor’s windows were in line of sight of the pool. When she’d reassured herself that no witnesses would see what she was about to do, she peeled her top off, and tossed it next to a stack of towels. She took a deep breath to screw up her courage, reached back and unfastened her bra. She thought she would feel scared but she didn’t! Affecting her best look on nonchalance she completed her strip by rolling back and pulling her shorts and panties off her hips and down her legs til she was naked. She almost wished she hadn’t checked that the coast was clear because the moment she felt herself completely nude in the warm night air, she felt exhilarated and wished that there WERE people watching her bare breasts bounce freely. Trea got up and stood proudly naked at the lip of the swimming pool with the lights dancing around her young curves after being reflected off the surface of the water. She dove in and instantly felt the water caressing every inch of her body. Her breasts bobbed freely with every movement underwater and she felt them tugging her torso in whatever direction they wanted to float. She came up for air and looked over at the house and then to the whirlpool, but no one was to be seen. She wanted nothing more now than to show off her body to the Turners, but no one… she twirled around and Melanie bobbed to the surface almost in her arms. She slicked her hair back on her head and put her arms over Trea’s shoulders. They both kicked underwater to stay afloat and Melanie curled her forearms behind Trea’s neck and pulled herself close to Trea so their breasts touched. “Chad and I have wanted to see you like this all summer”! Melanie confessed. They both sputtered as their mouths dipped below the water line and then back up again. Trea wrapped her legs around Melanie’s and felt that she was also completely nude.

Melanie hugged her tight and then kissed her lightly under her ear. Trea felt the warmth of her skin pressing against her as the cooler water slipped in and out of the narrow cracks shifting around between their contours. She became aware of their mounds rubbing together and she surrendered herself to a deep kiss as Melanie’s tongue took hers by surprise. She reached down deep and felt her hands cupping around Melanie’s bare bubble-ass as their kiss got deeper and more intense. The surface of the water grew still around them as their kiss lingered. Trea was almost entranced by the intimacy. All summer she had been attracted to Melanie’s self-confident beauty and even tried to emulate her mannerisms and easy-going charm, but now they were locked in an embrace as lovers. Melanie broke apart and pulled Trea by the wrist back towards the edge of the pool where they found their footing on the ledge under the lip of the pool-deck. They each threw an elbow onto the rough concrete deck but the line of blue paint along the edge softened the roughness. Trea felt Melanie’s knee push between her legs and she allowed the woman to press the top of her thigh into Trea’s bare-shaved pussy and rub it through her groove, spreading her lips open on Melanie’s skin. Both their breasts bobbed just under the surface of the water and Melanie would lift Trea with her thigh between her legs so the young girl’s breasts broke the surface and felt the warmth of the summer night. She ran her hands over Trea’s breasts and then around under her armpits and hoisted Trea up so she was sitting on the ledge, then got between her open thighs kissing Trea’s breasts and sucking her nipples one then the other. Trea leaned back on her arms and felt Melanie’s tongue wandering around her bare breasts as she closed her eyes and listened to the night-sounds. A beautiful woman was making love to her she thought as she felt Melanie’s full breasts slide down the lower curves of her taut tummy and squeeze together as they were pushed between her wide-spread thighs. Trea knew what was about to happen and she shivered with the thrill as Melanie’s lips and tongue trailed lower and lower. Melanie gently pulled her bottom towards the edge and Trea felt Mrs. Turner’s shoulders touch the undersides of her thighs as her hands reached around the top of her legs to steady her. Trea still had her eyes closed… waiting… She knew the older woman was staring at her wide-open pussy from only inches away, caressing her with her eyes. Trea wondered if Chad were watching them from the patio door, or from a bedroom window above. She couldn’t believe that this long, tiresome day had turned into such an unexpectedly tantalizing night.

(c) 2011 Bethany Ariel Frasier

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GoTopless.Org and the Raëlian Connection

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In recent years a lot of sexually-liberated women have supported and posed topless for a group called GoTopless.Org, myself among them. It seemed a worthy cause even to me when I first heard about it since I am a naturist and a free-thinker, so I contributed a photo of myself topless with the group’s sign (Free Your Breasts and Free Your Mind – GoTopless.Org) in my picture to support the movement. Many of us have done so without knowing exactly who is behind this organization. It turns out that it is one of several front-groups for a UFO religious cult called the Raëlians, the second-largest UFO-based religious cult in the world after Scientology. Its founder is a former French racing journalist named Claude Vorilhon who now goes by the name of Raël for his followers. There are many aspects to their beliefs that I actually find intriguing like the promotion of sexual freedom and an embrace of non-conventional sexualities including everyone in the LGBTQ community, but there are many more aspects to their beliefs that seem highly questionable or even bizarre and like any cult their leader Raël has established a hierarchical power structure with himself at the top. The most attractive female members of the cult are expected to provide their sexual favors to Raël of course, so his motivations seem obvious. He’s just another dirty old man!

The symbol of the cult is a six-pointed star-of-David within which a swastika is inscribed. This may seem an ominous iconography to use and some have condemned the cult for its display of the controversial symbolism and for their belief in a concept called Geniocracy which involves a plan for democracy which limits candidacy for public office and participation in voting rights to only those who pass a certain level of tested intelligence. This may seem eerily reminiscent of the Third Reich’s theme of a master-race ruling over the lesser races, but the leaders of the International Raëlian Movement claim that their intention is merely to reclaim the swastika from its unfortunate association with the Nazis and return it to its historic meaning as a symbol of good fortune as it was used in many ancient cultures including Native American and several Eurasian societies. The cult also supports genetically-modified food production, human-cloning for the purpose of transferring human consciousness from our aging bodies into cloned copies thus making humans immortal, and perhaps their most bizarre belief: that we humans are all the result of being seeded on earth by an extra-terrestrial civilisation called the Elohim which will return someday to welcome us into their interstellar society which they have perfected… once we have ended all war and embraced peaceful co-existence and the wise stewardship of our planet.

The Raëlians are gaining supporters from around the world and despite a theology which seems as crazy as the Scientologists, they draw in supporters who are attracted to the free sexuality practiced by its members and its pseudo-scientific pretenses of establishing a human paradise on earth, free of war, replete with promises of immortality through cloning technology. As religions go it is probably only marginally crazier than all the other established religions, all of which seem pretty irrational to me when you examine them closely, but if you’re a girl and like me believe you should have just as much right as a man to go topless in public, my recommendation is to support the go-topless movement for your own reasons and not out of support for the International Raëlian Movement. It took me over a year from the time I offered up MY bare tits to the GoTopless.Org website to find out about their connection to this weird cult, but I don’t plan to remove my topless picture from any of the websites I uploaded it to! I kinda like it!
Raelian Symbol Emblem - Lord of the Harvest - UFO - Peter Crawford
(c) February 17th, 2013 Bethany Ariel Frasier

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