The Big Hack

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The start into the new year was a disaster, our site got hacked, 3 hours before I was on my way to a party. 4efd83b6f0d06eddb69b173dc8c2dc1c

This time it was not a simple spam-bot like the one we had before when our server was abused for sending spam.

But the hack was not successfully done and it took me 15 minutes to fix the hijacking files. But a few more files were damaged so I hijacked_websitesrestored the complete website which took several hours.

The spam attack came from India, the hijack came from Ukraine. I passed on all relevant IP-addresses to some experts.

The next weeks I investigated and found the leak in our software. Once a third-party plugin was installed by a company and they left a few files accessible to public. So this was fixed soon and simultaneously we banned any strange IP that appear in our logs by the .htaccess file… and installed a little trap for future attacks.

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