The Big Why

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Amidst all our existential angst wondering why we are here, we humans may forget to ask a bigger question: why is the universe here? For those without a true teleological curiosity, religion often fills the void with the convenient catch-all answer to the first question: its God’s will. But for us godless humanists, the question lingers. Biologically, we are here to reproduce ourselves. Looking at things objectively, that’s really our only purpose here: procreating and rolling our genetic dice that our progeny will inherit some combination of traits which will contribute to the evolutionary natural selection of our species to survive in a changing environment. But maybe that’s the reason the universe exists too.


According to a new theory proposed by Lee Smolin, a researcher at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and an adjunct professor of physics at the University of Waterloo, the universe may exist to pro-create other universes through the creation of black holes. At the center of every galaxy there seems to be a black hole, and at the center of every black hole there is a naked singularity where the infinite extremes of gravitational pressure cause the physics of the parent universe to become immeasurable and may in fact change them into something akin to a new cosmological genetic pattern. Black holes may foster new universes slightly different in their physical laws than our own. In this way a natural selection may operate on a cosmological scale where universes whose physics are better suited to create black holes survive to create a diversity of other universes, some of which will be better fitted for the creation of more black holes.

In his bookThe Life of the Cosmos Smolin postulates that while the cosmological constants of our own universe may inevitably result in endless expansion and heat-death, some of the new universes created through the evolutionary process of black hole propagation may result in laws of physics which change the ultimate fate of those universes optimizing the conditions which allow for the ultimate evolutionary survival of existence itself. Whether or not our universe ends becomes a less critical issue in the greater scheme of things if its sole purpose (like ours) is to propagate other different universes. We die. Our species evolves and goes on. We are all just different twists of DNA. So may it be with the universe itself.

(c) February 4th, 2013 Bethany Ariel Frasier

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